Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing

At YESMF, my mission is to help you create a richer and more freedom-filled life through real estate syndications (group investments). Whether you’re experienced or new to real estate, I’ll guide you forward in your multifamily syndication investor journey, protecting and growing your wealth with every step.

How it Works

Step 1 - Join

Start by joining the YESMF Investor Club, a community of people just like you, who are looking to grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Step 2 - Learn

Once you join, I’ll take some time to learn more about you and your goals, share pertinent resources, and help guide you toward your goals.

Step 3 - Invest

I’ll help you invest passively in multifamily real estate syndications (group investments) alongside me, so you can create ongoing passive income.

Step 4 - Celebrate

With every MF investment, an additional stream of passive income helps you move closer to financial freedom.

What We Invest In

Cash-Flowing Value-Add Properties

We invest in assets that generate positive monthly cash flow that also offer the opportunity to add value through revitalization.

B and C Class Multifamily

We invest in low risk, recession resistant apartment communities that are well-built and located in safe neighborhoods.

Strong Markets with Solid Job Growth

We invest in markets with strong rental demand and appreciation. Job growth, population growth, and job diversity are excellent indicators.

Start Your Journey Today

I’m here to guide your MF investing journey, to provide resources on how to invest, perform due diligence, and make the right decision for your individual needs.

Start by joining the YESMF Investor Club.