The 5 Levels of Investors

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I recently attended a real estate investing event in Florida and wanted to share one of my main takeaways. I have been investing in cash-flowing assets for some time now. One of my favorite concepts presented at this event was the five levels of an investor.


We all have to start somewhere. Where do you find yourself among these levels, and what actions can you take to improve?


1. Speculator Gambler:

You chase the next big thing, hoping for a significant score. This approach is usually aimed at a large payoff at the end, rather than ongoing cash flow, and does not provide long-term sustainability. For example,I invested in a food company that was surrounded by a lot of hype, convinced it would yield a tenfold return… but it didn’t. I lost my investment.


2. The Starter, Retail Investor:

This level involves beginner stock and real estate investing, where you entrust your money to others to manage. You act as alimited partner. Some of these investments may be overly aggressive. You’re enthusiastic but not yet knowledgeable about running the numbers yourself.


3. The Awakened Investor:

At this stage, you learn how to value assets properly. Your investment decisions improve, yielding good returns. You invest a lump sum for future cash flow and choose to invest with individuals or companies that have a solid track record.


4. Professional:

You become a sophisticated multi-asset investor, capable of identifying great opportunities and avoiding poor ones. You’re not committed to a single idea; instead, you think independently and often take a contrarian view.


5. Master:

You live off the cash flow from your investments.


As investors, our focus should be on the field, not the scoreboard. Our goal is long-term and sustainable growth of wealth, maximizing cash flow for ourselves and future generations.


I also appreciate how Warren Buffett one of the greatest investors of all time, had his Charlie Munger, a trusted confidant with whom to discuss ideas and investments. Educate yourself as much as possible and seek out your own “Charlie Munger”!


I’m keeping my eye on the MF pulse and markets and look forward to having some great opportunities in 2024!







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